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Regardless of their level of combined technical proficiency an organisation possesses, its success can still be in a limbo unless it has an efficient and effective management system that is able to bring together the organisation’s collective capabilities towards goal achievement. To supply this missing link, we offer a comprehensive management development package that addresses the managerial needs of all categories of management at the modern workplace. We do not offer any training course except one that is targeted at making the recipient a better and successful manager. During these sessions, we bring management theories into practice, contextualising and practicalising them for usefulness and relevance. Offered at six distinct levels of proficiency reflecting various levels of responsibility, the programme has been bundled as Success-Prone Manager as follows:

  • The Success-Prone Manager Level 1 (Entry Level Mastery)
  • The Success-Prone Manager Level 2 (Mid-Executive Level Mastery)
  • The Success-Prone Manager Level 3 (Senior Executive Level mastery)
  • The Success-Prone Manager Level 4 (Director Level Mastery)
  • The Success-Prone Manager Level 5 (CEO/MD Level Mastery)
  • The Success-Prone Manager Level 6 (Board Level Mastery)
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