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Everything rises and falls on leadership (John Maxwell). Leadership is cause; everything else is effect (Steve Adei). Most organisational leaders are promoted to their position of responsibility on the basis of their technical expertise; not on their ability to work with, develop, empower, and achieve success through people. Regardless of their level of technical proficiency, organisational leaders will continue to struggle until they can learn to work with and through others. Our leadership development programme (Turbulent-Proof Leader) is designed to help leaders transition from the level where they are doing everything to a level where they are helping others to do it in a sustainable way. During these sessions, we bring leadership theories into practice, contextualising and practicalising them for usefulness and relevance. We draw on the best from the world of leadership theory and research and contextualize these for practicing leaders. Offered at six distinct levels of proficiency reflecting various levels of responsibility, the programme has been productized as Turbulent-Proof Leader thus depicting the programme’s capacity to equip leaders with skills for navigating challenging organisational terrains, particularly in times of turbulence. They are offered at six levels as follows:

  • The Turbulence-Proof Leader Level 1(Entry Level Mastery)
  • The Turbulence-Proof Leader Level 2 (Mid-Executive Level Mastery)
  • The Turbulence-Proof Leader Level 3 (Senior Executive Level mastery)
  • The Turbulence-Proof Leader Level 4 (Director Level Mastery)
  • The Turbulence-Proof Leader Level 5 (CEO/MD Level Mastery)
  • The Turbulence-Proof Leader Level 6 (Board Level Mastery)
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