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Thanks so much for visiting our website! Because the success of your business is our business, I have decided to personally write this introduction just for you! In today’s fast-paced competitive environment, no serious-minded CEO can push training and development to the periphery. Why? We live in a world of unending competition. A competition growing in tempo, dimension and sophistication! Technology used to be the means by which smart organizations stay ahead of their competitors. Now that claim can no longer tenable. More than ever before, globalisation is creating greater opportunities for easy transfer of cheaper technology across international boundaries.

Today, businesses live and operate in a knowledge-based economy, where the knowledge, skills, capacities, competencies and even the memories of organisations’ employees, rather than mere technology, have become the greatest tools for remaining competitively advantageous. Indeed, technology becomes a useful and strategic source of remaining competitive only as a complement to the skills and competencies of an organisation’s human resources. Yet, it is not just the mere possession of human resources; it is how effectively and strategically they are trained, developed and deployed, that leads to competitive advantage. Training and development has thus become a key strategic issue in most forward-looking organisations.

At GSR Consulting we make meeting your training and development needs our mission. We focus much of our efforts on the development of managerial and leadership capacity of organisations. As training and development consultants we help corporate managers and leaders to make the right training decisions. We provide their chosen training package in the most bespoke [and affordable] way that neatly dovetails into their employees’ role requirements. Whether there is a need to train top managers or shopfloor workers, we possess the expertise, ethos and experience in doing so in the most cost-efficient way.

Additionally, we provide consultancy services on a wide range of areas including general and human resource management, productivity enhancement and organisational turnaround. But we also provide expert advice on making outsourcing decision, including all the preparatory work that goes into getting the best out of outsourcing deals. We provide consultancy services in HR Transformations where we modify the HR function as well as address most of the issues confronting organisations in the efficient management of their human resources. Our well-structure Leadership Development Programme (The Turbulent-Proof Leader) and our Management Development Programme (The Success-Prone Manager) are becoming household names among training and development products in Ghana and across Africa.

Whether you are a for-profit corporate, a government body or public sector institution, an NGO or a church, we have targeted solutions for you, and a dedicated team that focuses on meeting your peculiar needs. Come, explore with us! Call us today on +233 268 883 689/+233 265 084 067.

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